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Burn Out in Cinemas October 11

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Burn Out in Cinemas October 11


After “Casanegra,” and “Zero,” Moroccan film director Noureddine Lakhmari will complete his Casablancan trilogy with his new movie, “Burn Out,”coming to cinemas October 11.

The fall season cinema begins with “Burn Out,” narrating the story of Jad, a young and wealthy Casablancan struggling with existential crises.

In search for redemption, Jad meets Ayoub, a even-tempered boy who does odd jobs to help buy his mother a prosthetic limb.The two characters easily find comfort and understanding with each other, both possessing qualities the other lacks.

Meanwhile, Jad and his wife , who runs an art gallery get divorced. The film also tells the bleak life of a medical student, Aida, forced to engage in prostitution to finance her studies.

The psychological study delves deep into the bipolarity of its characters, as they are all torn between two worlds, their own desire and the constraints of their social condition.

For Lakhmari, the film is about finding redemption. “I wanted to show how we Moroccans do not love each other and how much we would gain by forgiving and loving,” he said during a press conference on September 26.

“Burn Out” stars Morjana Alaoui, Leila Marrakchi, Anas El Baz, Fatima Zahra El Jaouhari, Karim Saidi, Saadia Ladib, Driss Roukhe,Mohammed Khiari, and Ilyass El Jihani in the role of Ayoub, Jad’s friend.

The film has already been screened[Office1]  in Southeast Asia and Scandinavia and will soon be distributed by a company based in England.

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